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At Harley Fitzrovia Health we offer a variety of fertility services, provided at our modern, comfortable facilities at Brentwood, Essex. One of the advantages of coming to HFH is that our fertility specialists do not work alone: they are supported by a team of GPs and consultants who can offer advice regarding your fertility treatment plan. You also have access to a range of fertility services including IVF treatment and a variety of diagnostic tests to confirm the parameters of treatment and determine the best course of action.

Harley Fitzrovia Health delivers the best private fertility services with exceptional fertility specialists in London. HFH fertility is overseen by private GPs who have set the highest clinical standards ensuring you get the best care possible. Our staff includes a team of highly trained and experienced fertility specialists who have expertise in a wide variety of fertility services.

IVF Fertility

At Harley Fitzrovia Health, we help you make the right decisions for you throughout your IVF fertility journey. 

What are the stages involved in the IVF process?

Book an appointment
Initial Consultation and scan with a doctor
Treatment consultation with a nurse
Monitoring scan and blood test.
Start Medication
Call unit when ready to start treatment
Pregnancy test
Follow up of pregnancy



IVF costs from £3,500 plus medication depending on your circumstances, during your first consultation our fertility experts will work out a tailored treatment plan for you.


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