Teaching and Training the Next Generation of Medical Professionals

Committed to supporting the educational development of our medical colleagues

HFH Private Medical Centre in London including all of our staff, have a keen interest in and commitment to teaching and training the next generation of medical and allied health professionals. Our focus at HFH Private Medical Centre is to develop a training platform with the aim of addressing and supporting the educational needs within London, whether privately or NHS based. Investing in training locally will help to maintain the professional skill base within the local area and thereby improve the quality of healthcare delivered. There will also be a beneficial effect with our NHS partners as many of our colleagues work across both the NHS and private sectors.


We have a large database of teaching files to train and support the reporting radiographers to attain required level of competence in compliance with RCR standards. All our reports will be double reported by a radiographer and a supervising radiologist until they achieve the high standards that we expect.



Credentials and achievements:

  • All of our private GPs and specialist consultants have appointments at Teaching General Practices or University or London Teaching Hospitals and are skilled at embedding teaching and training into their everyday clinical commitments and routines.
  • Many of our medical consultants have additional academic positions locally:
    • Honorary Senior Lecturers appointed at Anglia Ruskin University, Essex
    • Visiting Professor of Rhinology/ENT Surgery, Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent
    • Examiners appointed for Royal College of Surgeons Professional Postgraduate Examinations
  • Collaboration with Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent: Provision of structured in house ultrasound training to sonographers and radiographers in order to fast track them to gaining their qualifications and practice as high quality practitioners.
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