General Practice

Prompt access to your named personal private General Practitioner.

Private GP Consultations and GP Appointments

Our private GPs are senior clinicians and doctors with many years of training and experience behind them – they are able to deal with all aspects of medical care, and if needed forward your care to the most appropriate consultant specialist with investigations and imaging as needed. Our approach results in a tailored service to patients, without compromising on value for money and all whilst maintaining excellence in clinical care.

Private GP Appointments

Private GP Appointments are flexible and either virtual or face to face (10 minutes or 20 minutes, or can be longer depending on your need).

We are experts in getting the right information from our patients so do not worry if you are not sure or able to bring any medical history with you, however to make the most of the appointment we do recommend that any information you do have is bought so we can address all of your concerns and issues in a smooth and effective way.

Private GP Appointments are available on Weekdays and Saturday morning.

Looking at the Cost

We understand that Private Healthcare costs are important to discuss. So we have simple, clear pricing for our patients.

Virtual 20min – Adult £100 / Child £100

Face to Face 20min – Adult £120 / Child £120

Follow up 10min – Adult £60 / Child £60

After your doctor’s appointment, we can share detailed consultation notes with your NHS GP if you choose.

Health is a lifelong journey, and we want to be by your side throughout.

Vaccination Costs

Flu over 65, £25.00
Flu under 65, £20.00
Pneumonia, £50.00
Tetanus, £40.00
Hepatitis B – Baby, £25.00
Hepatitis B – Child, £30.00
Hepatitis B – Adult, £50.00
Hepatitis A – Havrix, £60.00
Chickenpox, £90.00
Shingles, £230.00
Travel Vaccination, £100.00
MMR Booster, £50.00
Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio (DTP), £30.00
Yellow Fever, £70.00
HPV, £150.00
Hayfever Injection (Kenalog), £100.00
Mantoux, £100.00

A £50 Service Charge Fee will be applied to all vaccinations.