Public and Private Medical Centre Partnership

Supporting a Cooperative Approach Between Private Enterprise and National Healthcare

Background of the Public and Private Medical Centres Partnership:

The NHS offers an excellent and comprehensive service to the majority of the population, however due to increasing demands on NHS services, private medical centres are playing an increasingly important role in London to support the excellent work that the NHS continues to provide. The NHS is under unparalleled strain due to the increasing population, the fact that more of us are living healthier lives and for longer, and also because medical technology is advancing at such a rate that more and more conditions are being treated that were previously undiagnosed.

Private hospitals now routinely offer consultation and treatment slots for NHS patients, and there has been a resurgence of innovative on line Doctor apps that enable you to have an initial online consultation with an NHS or private GP without having to wait days or in some cases weeks to see your own GP in person.

Increasing pressures on the NHS have also led to longer waiting times for key investigations such as MRI, CT and ultrasound scans.

Harley Fitzrovia Health Private Medical Centre – Collaborative Approach:

At the core of our innovative approach to local healthcare delivery is the provision of high quality, bespoke diagnostic and healthcare services to both the private and NHS sectors.

HFH is an independent provider with an emphasis on supporting our local NHS partners to help manage their workload. We work with our local NHS hospitals and providers to reduce waiting times and improve the quality of care as far as possible by offering spare capacity to assist our neighbouring Trusts with managing the ever-increasing demand on their limited resources.

This is a key part of our ethos that, along with our engagement in local and international charitable organisations, underlines our focus on delivery high quality healthcare to all and sets us apart from competitor private organisations where profit margins are prioritised.

Advantages of a Private Medical Centre:

  • Offering working partnership at the heart of our plans for supporting local healthcare delivery
  • Competitively priced Ultrasound, MRI and CT scans
  • Patient focused pathways with minimal delay to scan and flexible appointment times, helping to solve long waiting times for both MRI and US
  • We can report existing scans already undertaken locally to reduce reporting backlog
  • Our expert opinions will reduce inappropriate requests for further imaging by minimizing false positive and equivocal reporting
  • Robust strategy in place for urgent and unexpected findings: we comply with local 2WW pathways with a protocol in place to forward critical results to local consultants and MDTs in accordance with Trust policy
  • Locally based consultants: enabling optimum communication with colleagues to promote the best quality of service
  • Reducing DNAs: advance patient contact by phone/text and integration with web/app based schedule services for repeated reminders
  • Strong emphasis on teaching and support to local NHS staff, enabling better more efficient working relationships

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