Payment - Self Pay and Insured


At Harley Fitzrovia Health Private Medical Centre we are happy to accept payment directly from your medical insurance company if you have an active policy in force.

Our Private GPs, doctors, and specialist consultants are recognised by the majority of the insurance companies, including:

  • BUPA (and BUPA International)
  • Aviva
  • Simply Health
  • WPA
  • Cigna
  • Zurich
  • Alliance

In case that you are registered with an insurance company with whom we have never previously dealt, this is not a problem as we are used to making arrangements for recognition in a timely fashion and without undue delay to your treatment pathway with us. We would advise that you contact your insurance provider at the earliest opportunity.

Please note that certain medical insurance policies have restrictions that allow different levels of cover and access to certain investigations and treatments, but limit access to others. It is also quite common for policies to carry an excess which sometimes needs to be paid in part settlement of your invoice with Harley Fitzrovia Health Private Medical Centre. We can help you through this process if required.

Self pay

Even if you do not have a medical insurance policy, you can still come to Harley Fitzrovia Health Private Medical Centre for your healthcare by funding for your treatment yourself. As a self pay patient you will be responsible for your Private GP consultation fees as a new or follow up patient, as well as any additional procedures or investigations that are recommended for you either during the consultation or organised on another occasion.

Sometimes you may receive two bills for what appears to be the same procedure. This is because if you are having a procedure during the consultation, one part of this charge will be billed by the consultant for their professional charges, and the other part will be an additional procedural fee for the use of the equipment. You will usually be made aware of the total fee in advance of the consultation, even though the two parts of the fee may be invoiced separately.

A number of our more common charges are included in the costs pages of the Harley Fitzrovia Health Private Medical Centre website, please click on the relevant link below:

For further advice about fees or charging structures, please contact us using the form below.