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Dr. Jason John (Director)

Dr Jason John is a private General Practitioner based in the London and Essex area. He completed his undergraduate at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals, London during which he completed research in Neurosciences – achieving the Preclinical Prize and final year Honours.

After completing his postgraduate training in the highly competitive London Teaching Hospitals medical rotation, he completed his training in General Practice and is now a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP).

Dr John was selected as one of the national RCGP Clinical Commissioning Champions, and as a result, has spoken nationally and locally to a variety of bodies as well as helping shape commissioning agendas nationally via his training to private GPs. Dr John was the First 5 Essex GP lead and still regularly engages with RCGP faculties. Dr John is experienced in all aspects of General Internal medicine with a special interest in the Care of the Elderly and Stroke.

Dr. Jagan John (Director)

Dr Jagan John is an award-winning senior private GP currently working in London and Essex.

He completed his undergraduate medical training at Charles University, Prague followed by postgraduate medical training in London and in the UK in various specialities. He completed his training in general practice as well as accreditation in cardiology, which has enabled him to practice both as a local GP and as a GPwSI in Cardiology.

He also has a background in Paediatric Cardiology.

He has worked in senior roles in various leadership positions locally and nationally in the NHS, NHS England, Department of Health and supports the work of local government in London. He currently leads on various programmes in the NHS, and is a strong advocate of personalised health care and excellent patient experience.

Dr. Ann Baldwin (Director)

Dr Ann L Baldwin is a Patient-focused private GP specialising in Diabetes and Rheumatology, providing high quality, personal levels of healthcare to patients in clinical environments.

She has a business mind coupled with recognised medical skills resulting in over 15 years of successful practice, and a warm, caring approach to patients and persistence in finding the best treatment options available.

Dr Baldwin has been appointed as the Clinical Director for Havering CCG since 2014. Her portfolios include primary care, integrated care system, primary care networks development, Diabetes and AF lead for the Havering CCG and the Quality improvement lead for NEL STP. Within this role, Dr Baldwin has successfully developed the new integrated community Diabetes service in Havering which has been up and running for the past 3 years with excellent patient feedback. This service has been showcased for the Canadian Healthcare service. Dr Baldwin has been appointed as a member of the Clinical Advisory Network Group for The Royal College of GPs, which is tasked with reviewing and identifying clinical subjects for the subsequent development of primary care clinical guidelines.

Dr Baldwin has been an active member of the Local Medical Committee (LMC) since 2010 and was elected Chair from 2015-2017. Dr Baldwin was invited to present “Diabetes in General Practice “ at the 59th Myanmar Medical Conference by the chairman of Myanmar Medical Association in 2013. Dr Baldwin is a founder of a charity group,  ‘Mission Burma” who with a group of fellow GPs and Consultants, the group visits remote areas in Myanmar and provides essential medical and surgical care. The recent trip was a great success where over 1500 consultations were carried out within five days.

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Dr. Claire Parkinson (Director)

Dr Parkinson is a private General Practitioner based in Essex. She qualified as a Doctor from The Royal Free and University College Medical School London 2009 and then completed her hospital training in North London, before settling in Essex as a GP.

She also has a BSc (Honours) degree in Physiotherapy from her former career as a Physiotherapist in London.

Dr Parkinson works as an NHS GP Partner at Old Harlow Health Centre, which is rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission. She is a GP Trainer in the West Essex General Practitioner Training Scheme and is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

She has direct experience in hospital medicine (Acute Medicine, Geriatrics, General Surgery, Endocrinology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Psychology), and in General Practice enjoys managing acute and chronic diseases, Women’s Health, Gynaecology, Menopause, Contraception, Mental Health, Paediatrics, Heart disease, Respiratory disorders, Musculoskeletal problems and Dermatology.

Her ethos as a GP is to consistently provide her patients with high-quality, professional and holistic care. She is a dedicated, personable and empathetic GP, and receives excellent patient feedback.

Dr. Amik Aneja (Director)

Dr. Amik Aneja, a distinguished private GP serving Essex, Hertfordshire, and London, is a healthcare professional deeply committed to the well-being of his patients and their families.

His journey began with undergraduate training at Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospitals in London, during which he distinguished himself by intercalating a Neurosciences BSc. This early pursuit of academic excellence laid the foundation for his future achievements.

Following his undergraduate studies, Dr. Aneja embarked on postgraduate General Practice training in West Essex, ultimately earning the esteemed title of a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP). His dedication to clinical excellence was further exemplified by his role as the Senior Partner of Old Harlow Health Centre, the only CQC outstanding practice in West Essex. Dr Amik Aneja is proud to be a partner at an NHS practice where patients consistently provide outstanding feedback through the Friends and Family Test, a testament to the exceptional quality of care delivered.

Dr. Aneja’s expertise extends to the realm of Diabetes management, where he demonstrates a profound understanding and a patient-focused approach. His patients and their families benefit from a professional, holistic, and personal approach to healthcare. Not only is he a beacon of clinical expertise, but Dr. Aneja also contributes to the future of healthcare as a GP trainer for the West Essex General Practitioner training scheme. In addition, he continues to take on vital leadership positions in the medical landscape of West Essex, ensuring that healthcare in the region continues to evolve and improve under his guidance. Dr. Amik Aneja embodies a true commitment to patient well-being and clinical excellence, making him a trusted figure in the world of General Practice.

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dr huai phen photo

Dr. Huai Phen (Director)

Dr. Phen is a highly regarded General Practitioner and partner at the CQC outstanding Old Harlow Health Centre, serving the communities of West Essex, East Hertfordshire, and London.

Committed to delivering exemplary care, Dr. Phen has devoted his medical career to the well-being of his patients and their families.

His journey in medicine commenced as an undergraduate at St Bartholomew’s and the Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry, where he concurrently pursued a Biomedical Engineering BSc. Following his undergraduate studies, Dr. Phen embarked on a path in surgical training, gaining extensive experience in various regions of the UK and achieving a senior level in the field of plastic surgery. His decision to transition to General Practice reflects his dedication to offering personalized and holistic care to patients, leading him to enrol in the West Essex training scheme. Ultimately, he attained qualification as a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Dr. Phen has continued his service to the patients of Harlow, attaining a partnership at the Old Harlow Health Centre, the sole CQC outstanding practice in West Essex. Proudly upholding a standard of outstanding care, Dr Phen consistently receives excellent and outstanding feedback in the friends and family tests.

With a background in plastic surgery and a clinical diploma in dermatology earned during his GP training, Dr Phen brings a wealth of experience and expertise in dealing with skin conditions. His commitment extends to the future of general practice, as evidenced by his role as an associate trainer within the practice, where he actively contributes to shaping and guiding the next generations of General Practitioners.

Dr. Dmitri Jegorov (Director)

Dr. Dmitri Jegorov is a well-respected Private General Practitioner, he is highly regarded for his dedication to patient care.

He completed his medical education at the Hull and York Medical School in 2011, and later obtained his Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2019.

Additionally, he holds a postgraduate Diploma in clinical medicine from the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Jegorov has a diverse professional background, having undergone specialist training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Yorkshire before transitioning into General Practice training in West Essex. Currently, he practices at the Old Harlow Health Centre, which has been recognized as outstanding by the Care Quality Commission.

Drawing upon his extensive knowledge and experience, Dr. Jegorov has developed a keen interest in family medicine, with a particular focus on men’s and women’s health. He firmly believes in the vital role of a family doctor in providing comprehensive and holistic patient care. To this end, he ensures that he dedicates ample time to understanding the unique perspectives of his patients and collaborates with them to achieve the best possible outcomes, following an evidence-based approach.

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Dr. Michael Napal-David (Director)

Dr. Michael Napal-David is a dedicated GP, born and raised in Edmonton, North London, where he nurtured a profound commitment to serving diverse communities.

He gained his primary medical qualification (MBBS) at the esteemed University College London, obtaining an iBSc in Neuroscience. Dr. Napal-David attained membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP) and has consistently pursued excellence in healthcare. Notably, he achieved a Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) in Clinical Research, Education, and Leadership from the esteemed University of Cambridge, reflecting his dedication to advancing medical knowledge and leadership within the field.

He serves as a GP Partner at a CQC outstanding General Practice in Old Harlow, West Essex, where he and his team are dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare to the local community. Additionally, Dr. Napal-David applies his skills as the Primary Care Network (PCN) Training Team Lead, overseeing the professional development and training of a wide range of healthcare professionals in primary care.

Dr. Napal-David is deeply passionate about fostering meaningful connections with his patients, understanding that effective communication lies at the heart of exceptional healthcare. By actively listening to their concerns, empathising with their unique perspectives, and involving them in shared decision-making, he ensures that each individual receives personalised care tailored to their needs and preferences. He remains steadfast in his mission to deliver compassionate, patient-centred care that empowers individuals to lead healthier and happier lives.

Beyond his medical practice, Dr Napal-David, of Assyrian and Mauritian heritage, is an avid supporter of Tottenham Hotspur, finding joy in following the team’s turbulent journey. Moreover, he actively pursues a diverse range of interests, including history, sciences, and technology. Driven by a fascination with emergent technologies, particularly AI, he explores their potential applications in healthcare and their broader impact on society. These pursuits outside of medicine enrich his perspective and fuel his commitment to innovation in healthcare delivery.

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