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Seamless Healthcare:
Efficient and Digitally Connected

Leading Provider of Private Ultrasound, MRI, and CT Scan Services in the UK

Harley Fitzrovia Health Private Medical Centre is a leading provider of private ultrasound, MRI, and CT scan services in London and UK. Ultrasound scans use sound waves to take images of the inside of your body.  A private ultrasound scan booked through Harley Fitzrovia Health Private Medical Centre is a quick and safe procedure.

At Harley Fitzrovia Health, our key aims are to offer high quality digital diagnostic services including private MRI scans, private CT scans and private ultrasound scans in London and UK, as well as prompt access to private GPs, private specialist consultants and a range of ancillary services including physiotherapy and aesthetic treatments.  Harley Fitzrovia Health Private Medical Centre offers private medical imaging services and pain management services all under one roof with no long waiting periods and quick access to the right scan.

Radiology - PACS

  • State of the art cloud based PACS system provides high quality images
  • Secure and easy access from any web connected device
    GPs and referring consultants can view the images at any time by logging in via web browser
  • Quick contact with radiologist when required
  • Integrated IT and clinical systems allowing direct transfer of images and reports
  • Phone/text and integration with web/app based schedule services for patient reminders

In order to provide a seamless service to the highest standard, we have invested in a comprehensive and fully digitalized system to support the key aims of our business practice. This allows for secure data storage which is fully GDPR compliant, transfer of information between our servers and local healthcare partners where required, and digital storing of medical records which are immediately accessible by our clinicians without the need to search for paper notes, thereby avoiding the risk of loss of key information.

Clinical records – EMIS

  • Our clinical records are held on a secure web based platform that enables seamless integration between different clinicians in real time, as well as direct linking with diagnostic radiology and pathology reports. The particular benefit is that both consultants and GPs can see all of the patient’s records in a way that is not yet achieved in the NHS. This improves efficiency and reduces errors, as well as allowing all clinical information to be accessible at all times.
  • Plans are in place to prepare a patient-friendly platform which will allow patients to access their own medical records.

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