Terms and Conditions

You are about to proceed to our booking system. By clicking the CONTINUE button below you agree that you have read, understand and agree to the terms below regarding missed or cancelled appointments. Please note for 'Ruby Digital' Appointments and 'Bronze Face to Face' Appointments 50% of the full online payment taken is refundable if appointment is cancelled with 24 hours notice pre appointment or if rescheduled at anytime.

However Patients who do not attend will be charged full fees and this is not refundable.

For FIRST 'Silver' and 'Gold' appointments ( PART OF A SUBSCRIPTION PLAN ) the 50% deposit taken is non refundable ( however this is transferrable for this first appointment only if you are on the subscription monthly payment as per our terms and conditions of each ). Please note if you are already part of one of these plans and you book online a subsequent appointment online as part of your entitlement, you will be charged ONLINE THE FULL FEES when booking the appointment, but on your appointment day please speak to reception to refund this fee IF you confirmed as paying via direct debit scheme )